Accessibility Statement

Yoshinoya America, Inc. is committed to inclusion and accessibility for all our guests and website users, including those with disabilities. These core values are fundamental to the way we do business. Accordingly, we are continuously taking steps to improve the digital usability and accessibility of by making every effort to ensure it complies with the best practices and guidelines of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and other existing recommendations.

For the best experience, we recommend using the most current version of any browser and assistive technology application. We further recommend trying different browsers with your assistive technology to determine which combination works best for you. The use of the version of the browser or assistive technology released immediately prior to the latest version also should provide a good user experience.

Please know that our efforts are ongoing and are audited on a periodic basis using various forms of assistive technology. Our testers include individuals with disabilities, who are native users of assistive technology, that provide us with human-centered feedback on accessibility of

If you are a user with a disability, or an individual assisting a user with a disability, and have difficulty accessing or navigating our digital channels, please contact us during normal business hours, Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm (Pacific) at 310-527-6060 ext. 2181; or you may email anytime at or reach us via US Mail at Yoshinoya America, Inc. - 991 Knox St, Torrance, CA 90502. In your message, please provide your contact information, the web address or other location where you experienced difficulty, and a brief description of the problem you encountered, including the type of assistive technology you were using when you experienced difficulty.

The accessibility email address should only be used for accessibility-related issues facing users with disabilities or those who assist them. This email address is monitored by the Yoshinoya digital accessibility team who are not equipped to review or respond to inquiries unrelated to digital accessibility.